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White Paper

Rethinking the Consumer Price Index with Near Real-Time Consumer Data

From our unique position at the core of consumer behaviors, we see the direct impacts of price, demand, spending intentions, and behaviors as they unfold in real time.

By rethinking the traditional CPI methodology and embracing a model of customization, AnthologyAI is helping businesses shift towards more precise and timely economic insights.

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What to Expect:

A New Lens on CPI: Discover how the AnthologyAI CPI provides sharper, more responsive economic indicators compared to the traditional Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI.

Case Study Focus: Dive into our innovative approach with a detailed look at milk pricing, showcasing the specific techniques that set AnthologyAI CPI apart.

Model Comparisons: Explore how ARIMA and NNECTAR models offer a compelling comparative analysis.


And much more.

Introducing AnthologyAI

Powerful, Predictive and Signal Rich

AnthologyAI is the breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Consumer Insights & Predictions Platform with billions of  realtime data points, sourced directly and ethically from consumers. Access previously unavailable levels of intelligence about retail spending, geolocation, media consumption, travel, ride sharing and more — in realtime, at scale.

Our decision intelligence technology & proprietary models are able to deliver quantifiable decisions by understanding the past, predicting the future, and enabling new levels of intelligence about consumers.

Our models enable the world’s most innovative companies to see beyond the numbers, easily find signals in our near real-time consumer data, stimulate scenarios, and drive tomorrow’s business outcomes.